Subject: Election


I am writing to inform you of my impressions and opinion regarding the outcome of Wednesday’s meeting. First please make sure that the audio of the meeting is on the website. Second please make sure that there is a notice on the website informing electors that there is an opportunity to announce candidacy for the June 1 election which expires on May 2, 2020. Also, since the clerk’s office may not be open to the public the “application” should be available online and interested candidates should be able to respond by emailing their application to the district offices. Anyone emailing their application in before the end of the day on May 2 should be included. In my view, the results of the vote on Wednesday was to “open” the candidacy period. It was not a vote to ignore or set aside the ordinance. It was a vote by the commission interpreting the language of the ordinance and as such should stand until challenged. As such any person who announces their candidacy prior to May 2, 2020 and those who had previously announced their candidacy should be on the ballot unless there is an injunction issued by a court. This is my opinion as to how this should be handled.

Carl Landolina

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