The fire marshal has an important role in protecting the community from the devastation of fire.

The fire marshal’s office is responsible for inspecting buildings and reviewing construction plans to ensure the safety of those who will occupy these spaces.  Through training and experience, fire marshals are qualified to evaluate and advise property owners on the best way to maintain a safe space.

The fire marshal also conducts mandated inspections to ensure commercial spaces are in compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code.

After a fire has occurred, the fire marshal will investigate the scene to determine how and where the fire started.  The purpose of this effort is to identify criminal activity and pursue perpetrators or to identify faulty appliances or equipment and thereby avoid future fires by implementing a recall procedure.

Members of the fire department benefit from training by the fire marshal, who can teach them to be more effective by observing all activity at a fire scene, including who is watching the incident, if anyone is leaving, if there is a suspicious odor, and how the fire reacts when water is applied.

Additional duties include inspection of fireworks displays, issuance of permits for dangerous materials, and inspect all flammable and combustible liquids storage tank installations such as gas stations.

The Blue Hills Fire Marshal team is:

  • Fire Marshal William Lewis –
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Gerald Campbell
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Fred Nelson
  • Deputy Fire Marshal James Eatherton

We are here to provide one of our most important duties, which is to provide safety tips and advice to the public.  Please call us at (860) 243-8949 when you need help with something like installing a wood stove.