On behalf of the Blue Hills Fire District, we would like to thank, The Gemini Project, Paradise Restaurant, Shipman’s Fire Equipment Company, First Due Services, First Cathedral Family Day Friends, AmCap Copaco, Bloomfield FOP and Bloomfield Rotary for their donation of funds in support of the 2019 Education Fun Day. Board of Fire Commissioners. | Notice of Special Commissioner's Meetings Scheduled for Wed, Sept 25, 2019 at 6:30pm.

Board of Fire Commissioner’s

Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai(Chair)
Jacqueline Massey Greene (Vice Chair)
Mark Manson
Tel. 860-310-2835
Tel. 860-243-8949
Tel. 860-310-2836

Fire Marshal Office

William Lewis
Gerald Campbell
Fred Nelson Jr
(Fire Marshal)
(Deputy Fire Marshal)
(Deputy Fire Marshal)

Chief’s Office

Willie Jones – Acting Chief
Fred Nelson, Jr – Deputy Chief

Community Outreach Division

 LT Vincent Jaunai

Clerk Office

Errol Bartley (Interim Director of Finance and Administration)
Valda Thompson (Clerk)

Department Chaplin

Rev. Judy

Fire Suppression Staff



Robert Shuler


Vincent Jaunai
James Davis
Dwight Harmon
Martin Serignese

Department Safety Officer

LT. Martin Serignese


Adrian Clarke
Terry Wright
Micheal Wade
Bennie Billie
Dominque Rodgers
Tedford Mcghie
Khendall Jaunai
Thomas Thompson
Charles Jackson
Robert Farmer III
Elvis Best
Henry Perez
Kevin Herrell
Vincent Jaunai

Probationary Firefighter’s

Milton Salmon
Jaquan Dawkins
Jevonie Welcome

We are located at 1021 Blue Hills Ave.Bloomfield, CT
Tel. (860) 243-8949
Contact Community Outreach Officer Vincent Jaunai
Mon-fri 7:30am- 3:330pm at
(860) 310-2838 Ext 2838

Thank You
Blue Hills Fire Department